The Birth of A Digital Series

Couples had been in my head for several years before I got it off the page a few months ago. I'd always been drawn to the simplicity of the idea: a therapist's couch would provide a simple, familiar frame for relationship comedy between a married couple. My characters could explore conflicts around parenting, sex, salads, and the best way to load the dishwasher. Universal stuff.

Couples title.jpg

From its inception, Couples was intended for the Web. I knew I wanted short episodes, micro-episodes even. In part, that was because I wouldn't allow the characters off the couch, and after all, how long can you watch two people on a couch (maybe we'll test that question in future seasons). But the shortness of the episodes also seemed appropriate for viewing on digital devices of all kinds. 

I let the idea sit on my shelf while I wrote the feature screenplays for +1 and The Quitter, but my mind would often drift to Couples. It was a concept that would allow my characters to get off the page easily (any screenwriters reading this will know what I mean); all I needed were a few game partners and I could get it off the ground quickly and cheaply. I already had the couch. 

Somewhere between then and now (closer to now), I met Cameron Bossert sitting kitty-corner from me at Bar Sepia, a beautiful little local tucked away near the Brooklyn Museum. We were both alone. We were both drinking whiskey. It wasn't long before we struck up a conversation in which I heard about Jeremy Rishe and Stacey Linnartz, his conspirators over at Third Wing Media. Soon thereafter I shared my scripts with them and it wasn't long before we talked over a few drinks back at Bar Sepia where we put a date on the calendar to shoot our first couple: Doug and Dana (played by Will Blomker and Stacey Linnartz).

I hope you enjoy watching them struggle to get off the couch.