I assume you want to get an idea out of your head.  Or perhaps you've already dragged it out and now you want to make it look more like what you had imagined in the first place. No matter your stage in the process, no matter your level of experience, I can help you move forward.

Read my testimonials to learn what people are saying about my work. For the most part, my process includes listening, asking questions, reading, taking notes, and sharing my honest thoughts about how to realize your goals.

  • If you have a complete or partial manuscript, I will provide you with in-depth notes, including line by line comments.

  • If you have the seed of an idea, I will help you develop the idea so you can move forward.

  • If you simply have the urge to write, I can demystify the writing process so you are free to explore.

  • Along the way, you're welcome to ask for professional advice and, if I have it, I'll give it.

  • We can work in person, by phone, or Skype.

 Collaborating with me is an opportunity to work with someone who has been writing and developing ideas for over ten years. My projects have ranged from drama to comedy, from thriller to musical comedy. I've written features, shorts, and TV pilots. This diversity suits my consulting work well because your stories will be different than mine. 

In addition to my experience as a writer, I have degrees in teaching, literature, and writing. I know how to guide the writing process because I have many years experience responding to works-in-progress whether essays, short stories, or screenplays.  

My clients range from accomplished writer/directors to first- time writers who don't know where to begin. My clients' projects have included screenplays, TV pilots, treatments for TV/film projects, memoirs, novels, and short stories.

Writing is a personal endeavor so every writer's needs are different. My fee is determined after our initial conversation during which I learn the state of your project and where you hope to bring it. So contact me here to set up a (free) call. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Keep at it.