I have worked with countless talented film and television writers in my career, but few have the ability to truly rewrite themselves. Bill is one of those rare exceptions who understands tone, character, and structure so well that he can objectively deconstruct his own words and rebuild a story over and over again until it’s exactly right. He is the perfect person to bring on as a consultant for both emerging and seasoned writers looking to gain constructive criticism and ideas from someone who knows what he’s talking about.
— Annie Marter, Producer (Transcendence) and former studio executive
Bill Gullo uses words to lend a voice to the inexpressible, demanding us to move deeper within ourselves and embrace the understated tensions of who we are and what we can be. Gullo honors the word as an extension of our ability to reimagine the world around us, using his writing in service of something that stirs and enlivens what connects us: our shared humanity. As someone who approaches writing as both a craft and a creative-response, Gullo offers everyone he encounters an opportunity to be part of the grand history of storytelling.
— Antonino D’Ambrosio, Filmmaker (Serpico, Let Fury Have the Hour) Author (A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears) 
Bill Gullo is a great collaborator. He seems to know just the right questions to ask me about character and plot to help spur on my own writing, while also delivering very concrete ideas for specific story points and dialogue. I have found his own writing to be specific, emotional, and effective whether it is based on an original idea of his or as a rewriter of my own projects. I highly recommend him.
— Bart Freundlich, Writer/Director (After the Wedding, Myth of Fingerprints)
In a moment where every writer is told to have their own niche, Bill defies this Hollywood compartmentalization as a truly skilled, well-rounded screenwriter, able to inhabit and excel in every genre. Bill is a rare find. Working with him won’t simply improve your script at hand, but every script you’ve yet to write as well.
— Michael B. Clark, Producer, Beachside
What sets Bill Gullo apart from most screenwriting consultants is that he’s a working and produced screenwriter. I gave him limited time to write my feature, and I’ve never seen a writer more focused, passionate and committed to the craft of writing. His very specific process and deeply personal approach to story, character and structure will be invaluable and a breath of fresh air to any screenwriter.
— Matthew Bonifacio, director (Lbs, Amexicano)
Bill Gullo’s gift for honest, fully-realized characters and keen understanding of story make him one of the most versatile screenwriters I’ve ever read. Whether he’s writing a supernatural thriller, an off-the-wall comedy, or a gritty urban drama, Bill is in complete control of his craft. An ideal teacher for anyone looking to hone their skills.
— Ben Robbins, Creative Director, The Screenwriters Colony
Bill’s knowledge of the craft is impressive. He’s equally talented in the language of genre scripts and quirky dramas or comedies. His breakdowns have been invaluable and discussing projects with him have been some of the mosts rewarding times. He truly understands structure and can dig into characters and development in a way I’ve not experienced before.
— Stephen Schlueter, Producer/Writer/Director, Walleye Pictures
This is a seasoned writer...with an ear for dialogue and eye for character detail...a fine screenwriter about to be well known.
— Andrew Horton, author (Writing the Character-centered Screenplay, Laughing Out Loud)
Bill’s workshops have been instrumental in kickstarting my screenwriting career. His gift lies in discovering his students’ unique stories and pulling the dramatic and comedic elements out of them. All writers, from beginner to established, will benefit from Bill’s expert coaching.
— Chris R, Brooklyn
My session with Bill was an absolute joy. He was extremely thorough and detailed with his analysis on character development, story structure and dialogue. On top of that, he was very patient and he took time to make sure I understood the specific points he was making with regards to how to make my script better. More importantly, I came away feeling inspired and confident that I could take my screenplay to new heights thanks to Bill’s guidance.
— Nnamadu, A, Brooklyn
I’ve been working with Bill for the last eight months, and I have learned so much about screenwriting. I came to him with just a concept, and he helped me get it in on the page. He is very patient, insightful, and gives detailed feedback. He’s a great teacher, and makes the process fun!
— Naomi S., Los Angeles
I was stuck in a creative rut and writing stopped being fun. Then I hired Bill to help me take an idea and flesh it out into a script for a short film. I met with Bill once a week for a few months and his encouragement and insight was transformative: he got me writing every day and he gave me practical advice, exercises, road maps and tips. He critiqued my work, offered ideas and suggestions and above all he showed me how to enjoy the process again. Bill is a gifted writer and teacher, so if you are looking for someone to help take your writing to the next level, you’ve found him.
— Jason M., Filmmaker and Professor