You Again
a Musical about Cloning

Book & Lyrics by Bill Gullo      

Music by Rob Wagner


You Again tells the story of a substitute teacher who uncovers a sad scientist’s desperate plan to clone the student population in the school’s basement.  Against this peculiar backdrop, Bill Gullo’s book and lyrics reveal a classic tale: an orphaned son searches for a home, a distraught madman challenges his Creator, and an impossible love survives. New Orleans composer, Rob Wagner, has composed a beautifully melodic score, presenting a collection of original songs that meet somewhere between Randy Newman and Magnetic Fields. 

You Again is described as a ‘straight-faced comedic musical.’ That is a perfect definition of its style and also the reason why, given the outlandish plot, it succeeds and entertains so well. Kudos to director Bill Gullo, who also wrote the book and lyrics
— Alyssa Simon,